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Calixa is now available on the App Store!

download link from the app store

Deepen self-knowledge through wellness self-experiments with Calixa - your minimalist wellness guide.


Run guided
self-experiments to get insights into your unique body and mind 

Log your moods, food intake, and activities to gain insights on how your day to day actions affect how you feel


Discover your patterns through intuitive graphs and minimalist design

 Get a weekly drop of easy to read and implement holistic wellness content. From minimalist recipes to meditation techniques.


The team



Zara is a software developer, a former UC Berkeley researcher and a startup founder. Zara has developed a wellness app that will be used to gain insights into personal health patterns through minimalist logging and self-experiments. Zara studied mechanical engineering and worked as a researcher at SETI and Radio Astronomy Lab at UC Berkeley before pivoting to software development and wellness.



Vanessa has a rich managing experience in healthcare companies that prioritize diagnostics and personalized healthcare. She got her Masters of Science in Psychological Medicine and Mental Health at London Metropolitan University. She has a deep passion for healthcare solutions that put people first and empower them to take control of their health.

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